Gold trading

Gold trading

Today, gold is the best option for securely protecting personal assets. Every day we can see that "paper based" investments are uncertain. The US dollar is overrated, the FED can't increase bank rates and the European market is not as stable as it was. Bank rates are at 0 or in negative figures and stock exchanges are precarious because of China's market slowdown and the global political situation.

"...we say gold is the real price of money."

Gold Trading - GNT Consulting Switzerland

That’s why we only sell the best and the highest-purity gold available on the market. That means 999.9 parts per thousand purity London Good Delivery gold bars from 50 g to 1,000 g, refined in the world’s top gold refineries.

We support the most secure money transfer method in the business, which is why our clients are able to use an escrow account to pay for their gold safely through a Swiss notary.

The gold business has special features, just like any other business. This is where you benefit from our knowledge. Based on our consultation survey, our clients can build up their gold portfolio as a way to safeguard their business needs in the future.

Gold is an asset unaffected by inflation. That’s why we say gold is the real price of money. Buying gold means not spending money, but simply preserving your assets, independently of the money market. It is a very important attribute of gold that we can use it in several ways, and we share this knowledge with our clients.

  • Exclusively 999.9 purity
  • London Good Delivery
  • Only from qualified gold refineries
  • Bars from 50g to 1,000g